"A good gamefish is too valuable to be caught only once" -Lee Wulff


We are a fly tying club located in Sinclairville, NY.  Country Kids on the Fly is dedicated to promoting the sport of fly fishing and fly tying.  We tie flies every Monday night 6-8 pm at the Sinclairville Free Library.  We accept all skills levels from beginner to advanced. 

 If you would like to contact us you can email us at countrykidsonthefly@gmail.com for more information. 

Be sure to check out our new Fly Tying Blog and Fly Tier's Resource Page. There you will find step-by-step fly pattern instructions for trout, steelhead, salmon, bass, pike, and carp.

Sinclairville Days

Greg Little tying Pink Lady Sucker Spawn

Christmas Party

The annual Country Kids on the Fly Christmas Party will take place next Monday (December 3) at the Sinclairville Free Library 6:00-8:00pm (normal class time).  We will have beef on wec, drinks, and chips; feel free to bring to pass if you want.  Eric Peterson of A Perfect Drift Outfitters and Tyler Straight of Autumn Siren Flies will be demonstrating steelhead flies for the class. 
Come Join In On The Fun!!!   

If you have any questions, feel free to contact Greg Little at (716) 962-3635, Art Estus (716) 485-3919, or email us at countrykidsonthefly@gmail.com.

Steelhead fishing has been good the past few weeks.  Get out there and fish before the snow comes!

Beginner Steelhead Fly Selections are now available from Autumn Siren Flies.  Each selection contains 88 high quality, expertly tied flies for the local steelhead water. 

Tight Lines,

Country Kids on the Fly

At The Oak


Spent the past three days fishing the salmon run on the Oak Orchard River. The salmon are in and they are are meaner and fighting harder than in years past.  The chinooks are tough fighters, and as I discovered too big for my net.  The water flows were on the low side but still enough to give the fish plenty of water to swim and fight.  The two most effective flies were a chartreuse Estaz Grande Egg and a black woolly bugger.  I believe fly selection isn't as important as just getting the fly in front of the fish.  The salmon aren't feeding but the browns and steelhead are so use use a fly that imitates the salmon eggs.  Almost all of the fish I caught came from the head of Sycamore Pool.
Small Oak Orchard brown.

I will be writing a article on fly fishing for salmon this week so check back later.

Even with a 10 wt. rod the salmon goes were it wants to.

Black Stonefly

Chartreuse Estaz Spawn

I have for custom tied Oak Orchard fly selection if anybody is interested. For those going to Oak Orchard with Greg & Art latter this month I will have fly selections available. Email me at steelheadflies@me.com if your interested. Check out my website autumnsirenflies.blogspot.com for more info.

Once again as a reminder...

Tight Lines,

Tyler Straight
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Autumn Siren Flies

Fly Tying in Sinclairville


We had a great class last night, everbody had a great time.   We tied the Hares Ear Nymph, a great pattern for trout and pond fish.  11 tiers showed up and many flies were tied.  Hope to see everyone next week!

CKOF Tier gets Award at State Fair


Honorable mention for 4H fly tying. Brittany Woodard sent her flies to the Chatauqua County Fair as well as the New York State Fair. Congratulations to Brittany!
Brittany's Flies that made it to the NYS State Fair

Monday Night Fly Tying Resumes


Monday night fly tying classes will resume Monday, September 10 at 6:00 p.m. at the Sinclairville Free Library.

Country Kids on the Fly is open to anyone ages 8-100 who want to learn to tie flies. We meet every Monday (September-May) evening and tie flies from 6:00-8:00. We will tie various flies ranging from woolly buggers to dry flies that can be used for fly fishing our local waters. All tools and materials are completely FREE! Adults are welcome and we highly encourage parents to tie flies with their kids so fly fishing can be a family pass time. Our club is dedicated to educating everyone about the lifelong sport of fly tying and fly fishing.

Everything is entirely FREE! All tools and materials are provided!

First fly we will be tying: Woolly Bugger

**Important Note**: Parents MUST accompany their kids to the first class; there are some important papers that must be filled out.

For more information contact:

Greg Little (716) 962-3635

Art Estus (716) 485-3919

Email: countrykidsonthefly@gmail.com

If you plan on coming, please email or call us so we know who is attending.

Please attend as their is lots of new information.


Come Join in on the Fun!


Autumn Siren Flies

Autumn Siren Flies
Custom Tied Flies for Steelhead